Randall W. Wulff Fee Schedule and Policies


$19,500 (In Oakland/San Francisco)

·Three to four parties, add $1,500 to Daily Rate, $21,000
·More than four parties, add $3,000 to Daily Rate, $22,500

This rate includes:
·10 hours of time (usually about 8 hours of hearing time on the scheduled day and 2 hours reading and research)

Additional reading/research and hearing time, and follow-up calls may be billed, depending upon how extensive the time required, after the hearing at the rate of $900 per hour.


·All hearing fees are due upon receipt and must be received no later than 7 days prior to hearing.

·If three days or more are reserved, hearing fees are due upon receipt and must be received no later than 30 days prior to hearing.

·If the matter is scheduled within 14 days of hearing, all fees are due and must be received within 72 hours of invoicing.

·Any additional fees incurred are due and payable upon receipt of the invoice.

·Division of amount to be determined by parties involved but, for our collection purposes, it must be advanced in full by no more than four parties.


Cancellation/Continuance Period Hearing Fee*

·More than 45 Days From Hearing: 100% REFUNDABLE

·45 Days or Less From Hearing: NON-REFUNDABLE if Mr. Wulff’s time cannot be refilled.

Canceling/Continuing party responsible for hearing fees of all parties.

*Hearing fees are non-refundable for time which is scheduled and only partially used. For example, if a mediation of more than one day is concluded in less than the estimated time, there will be no refund or reduction of the invoiced fee. Hearings of 2 days or more are subject to 60 days advance notice cancellation/continuance policy.